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Approx 1554 Sir Walter Raleigh, a son of East Devon, was born at Hayes Barton in East Budleigh, probably in 1554. The parrish register did not begin until a year later.

Approx 1569 When Young Walter Raleigh was barely fifteen years old, he joined a troop of a hundred horse, raised by the Compte de Montgomerie

1569 Sir Walter Raleigh battled for the French Huguenots.

07/13/1584 Raleigh sent an expedition from Plymouth, England, which was commanded by Phillip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe. They landed off the coast of what is now North Carolina on July 13,1584.

01/06/1585 Raleigh was knighted on January 6,1585 by Queen Elizabeth I.

1585 Raleigh angered Queen Elizabeth by secretly marrying Bessie Throckmorton. The queen locked them in the Tower of London. They were released by Christmas.

1587 Raleigh arranged for the construction of one of the ships involved in fighting the Armada, The Ark Royal. It had four masts and a normal crew of 270 and weighed 800 tons.

1588 The Ark Royal was chosen to lead the English fleet against the Spainish Armada.

Approx 1589 Raleigh planted the first potato in Europe in the garden of his Irish estate at Myrtle Grove, Youghal, near Cork, Ireland

1595 Raleigh sent an expedition to the Orinoco River in Guyana hoping to find gold mines.

Approx 1603 Queen Elizabeth I died and James I took the throne. Raleigh was accused as a member of a plot against the throne. He was sentenced to behanged, disembowled, beheaded,and then quartered. His sentence was changed to life in the Tower of London however.

1614 While imprisoned in in the Bloody Tower he wrote his famous book, The History of the World.

1616 When Raleigh returned from his last expedition to Guyana in his death sentence of 1603 was invoked by the King James I.

10/29/1618 At his execution on October 29, 1618 he asked to see the axe and said ??This is a sharp Medicine, but it is a Physician for all Diseases?

Approx 1647 As was common at the time, his head was embalmed and presented to his wife. She is said to have carried it with her at all times until she died 29 years later at the age of 82. The head was finally buried with the body of Sir Walter at St. Margaret`s at Westminster.




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